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Dr. Susan Crawford is a 2 time award Fullbright Award winner for her work on these programmes.

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Susan Crawford

Get Autism Active is an Online Programme researched and developed by Dr. Susan Crawford. Susan is a researcher and lecturer with in the field of Autistic Spectrum Disorders particularly related to Sport & Excercise Science and Physical Education. Her passion in this field stems from being the mother of a young man with autism. Together they have completed numerous half marathons and 10km runs all over the world.  Susan is a fulbright scholar and has presented internationally at conferences and has a number of books published on autism and physical activity.

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Get Autism Aware

This certified course will cover awareness training of Autism for parents, businesses, practitioners, educators and key workers alike.
  • Suitable for training Individuals, Parents, Practitioners, Educators, Businesses and Community Groups in Autism Awareness
  • Printable Certificate
  • Online and Highly Accessable
  • Online Exam at Finish

The course covers the introduction to ASD, Support Reading, Picture Exchange Communications System (PECS), Teaching and Learning interventions, Diagnosis and issues arising.

Get Autism Active: Fundamental Movement Skills

Learn the Alphabet of Movement with 19 Individual Skills
  • Video Demonstrations for each Skill
  • Voice Over Instructions
  • Identifying Features for Each Skill
  • Additional Learning Opportunities Outlined
  • Printable Skill Checklist and Assessment

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