Get Autism Active

Specialists in Training and Consulting on Autism & Movement

by Dr. Susan Crawford

Pioneering Clare Co. Co. Autism Awareness Initiative

On 25th April, the Clare County Council Autism Awareness Initiative was launched in partnership with Dr. Susan Crawford of Get Autism Active.  As part of the programme there was an open call for people to particpate in a series of online live webinars throughout May and anytime online course thereafter.

Learn the Alphabet of Movement with 19 Individual Skills

Get Autism Active Resource Kit: Fundamental Movement Skills

  • Video Demonstrations for each Skill
  • Voice Over Instructions
  • Identifying Features for Each Skill
  • Additional Learning Opportunities Outlined
  • Printable Skill Checklist and Assessment

The course covers the introduction to ASD, Support Reading, Picture Exchange Communications System (PECS), Teaching and Learning interventions, Diagnosis and issues arising.

Meet Dr. Susan Crawford

Dr. Susan Crawford is a two time Fullbright Award Winner for her work on the Get Autism Active Resource Kit

Susan is an autism and movement specialist.  She is also the mother of a young man who is autistic.  She previously worked as a researcher and lecturer in academia.  She frequently addresses audiences all over the world about the importance of developing movement skills for the autistic population. 

Susan is the author of the internationally aclaimed “Get Autism Active Resource Kit” and accompanying text book. Susan works with sports organisations, educators and businesses as well as 1:1 consultations.

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