Hi All,

Ronan (my web developer who has been holding my hand, literally!) and I are very excited to be launching www.GetAutismActive.com. We look forward to your engagement with the programme. This has been the culmination of many days, months and years of work so I’m really proud to see it finally come this far. The programme Get Autism Active has been designed to enhance the quality of life of children and adults with autism by addressing the development of their movement skills such as running, catching, balance etc.  I can’t but mention my wonderful friend, mentor and support P.J. Smyth who  died this summer. P.J. traveled this journey with me for 21 yrs and would be happy to see the fruits of his labour make the big time today.  Equally Tomás my son has inspired me to follow this path and I’m dedicating this to you, love you lots honey.

Take the challenge, spread the word and learn new skills,