Day 12: Wild Atlantic Way ASD Run:

Kenmare to Sneem.

Today we tackled the run from Kenmare to Sneem. We had traveled from Miltown Malbay to Templenoe last night with our wonderful neighbor Debbie. We crossed the ferry to Tarbert in spectacular sunlight and on across Kerry to our final resting spot in Templenoe Pier compliments of our own Siobhán Garvey from Inagh and her Partner Seán and family. We landed, parked, unwound and slept in the most tranquil of spaces: we were lulled to sleep with the calming waters of the pier and it’s surrounds. The moon was full and heralded a good day ahead. The morning dawned with a mist on the water but within an hour or so the land emerged and so we started the day. Debbie and I grasped a rare moment of quiet and sipped our coffee embracing it all. With Tomás up and sorted we crossed the yard to Siobhán and breakfasted with the family. Here is a beautiful, warm and generous family and what better way to face the day! We left Kenmare: Tomás, Debbie, John and I and headed out towards Sneem. The sun was shaded by the hedgerow and early enough not to be hot, ideal running weather! We jogged on along the road until John bid us adieu at the Steiner School in Templenoe. As I ran on, I reflected on what the Garvey’s as a family have brought to education in this country and by any standards, it’s no mean feat. They are truly a committed team. Siobhán was our driver and of course was a natural on the road. This was a winding but comfortable terrain and so we jogged on. The scenery to the left was occasionally aquatic but equally magical when wooded. Likewise, to our right was more mountainous terrain but beautiful none the less. As ever we met lovely people supportive of our mission and highlighted when our neighbours from Miltown Malbay Johnny and Geraldine Clancy appeared on the scene. How wonderful it was to feel this support. We were led the last few miles into Sneem with Tomás full of energy driving us on. We shared photos with new found friends, before returning to Siobhán’s home for refreshments and journeying home. Again, the ferry proved a wonderful breathing space to reflect on the day. We returned home to celebrate Easter with our family and celebrated once again, the great good will of all those around us, we are truly blessed.