Day 14: Caherdaniel almost to Waterville till Hannah arrived!

Today I travelled to Waterville via Limerick leaving Clare with lots of Red Storm Alerts. I rang the neighbours to tie down the house at home. Google maps took me to Waterville via Carrauntoohil. Mind you this was not an ideal day to be on a secondary road driving through Ballaghisheen and other remote but beautiful places. The mist was drifting in from the West minimising visibility but thankfully the road was empty! I rang my new buddy Tadhg and we arranged to meet in the car park at Waterville. Meanwhile my old buddy Thomas Griffin was warning me not to chance the run. Tadhg and I decided we’d head for Caherdaniel and decide from there. His wife Nora met us. The rain and wind a baited, a watery sun emerged and I took the chance to hit the road. Tadhg and Nora were on call should I need to abandon at any stage. I jogged along toward Coomakesta Pass, translated it’s “the gem in the basket”, which it is, if you could see it! To my left as I climbed, was the now wild and open Atlantic and to my right was the Cahernageeha Mountain. The wind was rising with every step and whipping in a circular fashion. With it came the rain. The visibility was minimising as I turned along Ballinskelligs Bay. There was no cold but a lifting wind. This was weather I loved in my childhood. It was like being transported to the past, my sister Teresa and I, running with pure abandon in the wind across Willie Cotter’s Park at the back of our house and the yearlings scattering in front of us as we ran, with arms outstretched. That was a time when words and concepts like “fitness, health and well-being” were a part of our DNA, not something to be timetabled to what are now childhood schedules! Now am I grateful for the health and resilience bestowed on me in my youth. Onwards I travelled. I could taste the salt of the Atlantic as my own footing became less secure and I knew Storm Hannah was catching up. Almost like an apparition, Tadhg and Nora appeared alongside me and I jumped in. I was 2 miles from Waterville. I bade farewell to my new friends in the village and settled in to the cottage for the night. Simon the owner arrived to check was I ok. We were without electricity and the storm had been upgraded to red. However, Simon had put the immersion on during the day and I had a full bath of bubbles to fall into! I settled down under copious quilts, lathered in the now essential Tiger Balm, with a six pack of Keogh’s Crisps and a glass of full bodied red. I figure we all need nights such as these and continue to celebrate the great gift of feeling safe, sound and supported by those who touch our lives!