Wild Atlantic Way ASD Run Day 19: 10.05.19: Castlemaine to Anascaul.

This morning I journey back to West Kerry to embark on the Dingle Peninsula. My now standard trip on The ShannonFerries to Tarbert, allowed breathing space to start the drive into the Kerry hinterland. I parked up in Anascaul where I’ll finish today. My wing woman Úna Moynihan picked me up and we travelled back to today’s starting point in Castlemaine. It was a showery day but the sun was battling to shine through a scattering of showers. We had a photo shoot in Castlemaine for Kerry’s Eye and Úna dropped me to my start point. Off I headed along the road, running into a soft rain but optimistic that rain would clear. This is lovely running country. Trees weave together across the road. The birds were emerging with the warming sun. The sweet scent of the furze wafted across the road from either side. The mountain was clearly visible to my right, while on the left glimpses of the ocean broke through the trees. Mothers pulled up in unison to collect their children from the local school near Inch. Now this is something I often notice as I run by primary schools along my way. Nowadays it is usual to see anything up to 10 cars parked outsides rural schools as I pass. I reflected on the changes from my own day, when the only cars outside a school were that of the Master and Miss McMahon. Classes were divided equally among the two. I can still remember the smell of the chalk dust from the timber floors and that of the warm tarmac in the yard outside. Joe Keane and I were the only students in class together and we got on great! I loved reading then, as now. The run is giving me time to reconnect with that too. Back to the road and Inch beach came into view. Now here is truly a spectacular expanse of sand. Families pushed prams and played ball on the sunny but breezy beach below. I rounded ascents and descents on the final miles to Anascaul. Here is a village who’s claim to fame, is being the birth place of Tom Crean the Antarctic Explorer. Another famous landmark here used to be Dan Foley’s Pub with the yellow gas cylinder painted on the wall.