Wild Atlantic Way ASD Run: Day 22: DúnChaoin to Brandon Creek.

Back on the road again today to DúnChaoin to take in a run before ASD Awareness Training in Caherciveen. The day was bright and sunny and the crossing to Tarbert relaxing as ever. I journeyed directly to DúnChaoin and parked at Kruger’s Pub, where the Bean an Tí saw me off. I followed the road to Slea Head , caressed by a balmy breeze and the early afternoon sun. Birds sang happily in the bushes on my right. The scent of heather mingled with that of mountain bog. The sea on my left was calm and serene and an azure blue. The islands beyond stood proudly visible. It was a glorious day and with it came the great joy of being alive. I jogged on at my ease passing through a deserted Ballyferriter. Occasionally, a farmer or tradesman shouted from their jobs. The occasional car passed and waved. Aggie my sister called from London, planning her weekend visit for our sister Mary’s retirement, as principal of our local secondary school. It had been the Alma Mater to all of the girls in our family. In our time it was a convent ran by The Sisters of Mercy. I loved school and have great memories of my time there. I also have incredible friendships from my school days, that have truly stood the test of time. The road began to narrow somewhat. Farmhouses were dotted on either side. Cows sat chewing the cud and sheep were dotted up the sides of the mountains. A farmer with a bucket materialised inside a wall. He was feeding a few cows and enquired of me “will you buy a cow?” “Sure what would I do with it,” I replied somewhat rhetorically. The front door was open and a narrow line of smoke rose from the chimney. Here was a place where time almost stood still, refreshing in its relaxation. I reached my destination of Brandon Creek and was transported back to my car by Kelly and Eoin from Camphill. The drive back to Caherciveen surprised me. Kilorglin and Glenbeigh certainly looked the better for the evening sun. I delivered the autism awareness training and returned home by a long road via Limerick as the ferry was finished. Another happy day was over.