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Webinar 1 – Introduction to Autism

This webinar explores diagnostic criteria, reframing our concept of autism and includes strategies to support social development, motor mannerisms, sensory issues, anxiety and behaviours.

Webinar 2 – Introduction to Fundamental Movement Skills (FMS)

This webinar explores what Fundamental Movement Skills are, their importance, key observation points, programme planning, use of demonstration and feedback, closed and open motor skills and explores domains of learning and assessment.

Webinar 3 – Exploring Autism and Fundamental Movement Skill Research

This webinar explores research studies that confirm the presence of motor impairment, motor skill intervention studies and comparative studies of physical activity levels among children with and without autism.

Webinar 4 – Promoting and Maintaining Participation in Fundamental Movement Skill Programmes for Autistic Individuals

This webinar explores assessment for Fundamental Movement Skill selection, intervention and programme planning, the autism-Fundamental Movement Skill support kit and maximising Fundamental Movement Skill acquisition.

Webinar 5 – Exploring the GetAutismActive Programme:

This webinar explores programme structure, the format for programme delivery and the use of the reflective journal.

Webinar 6 – Exploring Autism and Anxiety

This webinar explores autism and anxiety, including how anxiety presents and strategies to support anxiety in autism.[vc_column_text]

Webinar 7 – Exploring Autism, Epilepsy and Catatonia

This webinar explores both epilepsy (which effects 20% of autistic individuals) and catatonia of autism (which effects 18% of autistic individuals).

Webinar 8 – Exploring Autism and Sensory Integration Dysfunction

This webinar explores Sensory Integration Dysfunction in the context of autism including interventions to address issues that arise.

Webinar 9 – Exploring Autism and Video Modelling

This webinar explores how why and when to use Video Modelling with autistic individuals.

Webinar 10 – Q&A on All Things Autism With Dr. Susan.

This webinar will explore questions and answers concerning all things autism.