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Fundamental Movement Skill Acquisition for Children and Adults with Autism

"Dr. Susan Crawford’s book establishes her as the leading expert in the area of the promotion of FMS development in the ASD population. Her innate ability to explain, in an understandable fashion, the professional theoretical base and its practical application associated with FMS intervention with this population is superb! This book is an excellent academic resource for professionals and students in the areas of Kinesiology, Recreational Therapy, Occupational Therapy, Special Education, etc. It also bridges the knowledge gap that parents may have when it comes to supporting FMS development of their children with ASD at home. Dr. Crawford has provided an outstanding educational tool that, ultimately, will facilitate the FMS intervention/development in the ASD population globally."
Nancy L. Megginson, Ph.D. Adapted Physical Activity Professor Department of Kinesiology San Jose State University  

E-Book: Addressing Adapted Physical Activity Interventions for Children with Autism

This books explores the condition of autism in depth and provides details of research and practice in relation to motor skills, adapted physical activity, interventions and social responsiveness for this particular population. Guidelines are included on programme, assessment, design and implementation and the book closes with conclusions and recommendations for future studies.