Fundamental Movement Skills

by Susan Crawford

An Online Programme to Help Enhance the Quality of Life of People with Autism

  • How? Fundamental Movement Skills Provide us with the Alphabet of Movement Required for Everyday Life

  • This Alphabet of Movement Includes Skills of Running, Jumping, Catching, Throwing & Balance

  • However the Alphabet of Movement Skills does not come Naturally to People with Autism. These skills need to be learned and then practiced on a regular basis.

  • Learning the Alphabet of Movement Skills Helps with Social, Emotional, Physical and Language Development

  • This Online Programme Provides a Step by Step Approach to Learning the Alphabet of Movement Skills for People with Autism

The programme is supported by 2 text books, a practitioners guide and a users guide which can be purchased separately on the website here.


Learn the Alphabet of Movement with 19 Individual Skills
  • Video Demonstrations for each Skill
  • Voice Over Instructions
  • Identifying Features for Each Skill
  • Additional Learning Opportunities Outlined
  • Printable Skill Checklist and Assessment



Susan Crawford

Get Autism Active is an Online Programme researched and developed by Dr. Susan Crawford. Susan is a researcher and lecturer with in the field of Autistic Spectrum Disorders particularly related to Sport & Excercise Science and Physical Education. Her passion in this field stems from being the mother of a young man with autism. Together they have completed numerous half marathons and 10km runs all over the world.  Susan is a fulbright scholar and has presented internationally at conferences and has a number of books published on autism and physical activity.

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