What intervention to choose?

¢Children and Adults with ASD benefit from a range of interventions/approaches. ¢Intervention/approaches include structured teaching, prompting, modelling, reinforcement, discrete trial training, peer mediated interventions, behavioural interventions and assistive technology. ¢An openness to “giving it a go” is essential. ¢An eclectic approach can often work best: this means taking the best of each intervention/approach and combining…

Applied Behaviour Analysis: ABA (Skinner, Lovaas et al)

¢ABA is the study of behaviour. ¢Skills are broken down into component parts. ¢A cue is presented. ¢A prompt may be introduced. ¢Reinforcers are given when the target response has been achieved. ¢Opportunities to generalise responses are provided. ¢Data from each performance are recorded. ¢Active family participation is key. ¢https://www.autismspeaks.org/applied-behavior-analysis-aba-0

Daily life Therapy (KITAHARA)

¢Consists of five main elements: ¢Instruction in groups ¢Instruction based on imitation of others ¢Highly structured routine activities ¢Rigorous physical exercise ¢A curriculum that focuses on movement, music and art ¢Continuous repetition of actions and activities is promoted. ¢www.researchautism.net/interventions/38/daily-life-therapy-and-autism