Auditory Integration Training (AIT)(Berard)

¢AIT is based on the assumption that individuals with ASD have oversensitive hearing which can interfere with their ability to concentrate. ¢Specific frequencies are dampened using filtered and modulated music via headphones. ¢AIT involves playing this music twice daily x 10 days for 30 min. ¢  “Auditory Integration Training”. National Autistic Society.


¢The approach advocates that the natural environment is the best way for children to learn, providing them with opportunities to communicate with key people in their lives. ¢It combines the principles of “Observe, wait and listen”. ¢

Summary: my messages to you

¢Consider the accumulation of marginal gains: every little bit of working with each approach counts. ¢Frequency, intensity and duration effect the development of permanent skills: keep it going and don’t give it. ¢I’ve never met a child or adult with ASD who cannot learn…… but I have met lots of parents, teachers, specialists who are…