Introduction to Autism Spectrum Disorders

Definition,         Diagnosis of  ASD

•  Exploring issues in the world of ASD.

•  Theories associated with ASD.

•  Prevalence of ASD.

•  Causes of ASD

•  Teaching & Learning Interventions for individuals with ASD

•  Treatment and Education of Autistic and related

             Communication Handicapped Children (TEACCH)

•  Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA)

•  Picture Exchange Communication System (PECS).

•  Pivotal Response Training (PRT)

•  Mobile Digital Technology (MDT).

›Definition: ASD is a Neurodevelopment Disorder ›‘Autism’ is now replaced with ‘Autism Spectrum Disorder’ (ASD) with all its previous sub-types included. ›These are  1.    Autistic Disorder, 2.   Asperger’s Syndrome, 3.   High Functioning ASD 4.   Pervasive Developmental Disorder (PDD).

ASD now has two categories of impairment instead of three, so a triad of impairments is replaced by a dyad of impairments.

 These are ‘social communication deficits(combining social and communication problems) and ’restricted/repetitive behaviours’.

•‘Language impairment/delay’ is no longer included and a new clinical feature; ‘unusual sensitivity to sensory stimuli’ has been introduced.