Strategies to accommodate individuals with Autism:

  • Individual instruction: start with 1:1 instruction. it’s easier get the basics of a new skill correct.
  • Low student to teacher/parent/practitioner ratio works best. Work upwards from 1:1 to 1:2/3 as tolerated.
  • Task variation: vary the task you are teaching at the end e.g. go from catching to painting (utilising both fine and gross motor skills).
  • Stimulus generalisation of learning: practice skills in  different settings i.e. practice writing in school, at home, in the cafe, in the car..
  • Self-determination: promote choice of items/activities: present with 2-3 activities either in word or picture form.
  • Structured learning environment works best: remove clutter from the area/room to limit distractions.
  • Physical structure; schedules, work systems, routines and transitions work best.