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Get Autism Active Resource Kit

Learn the Alphabet of Movement with 19 Individual Skills
  • Video Demonstrations for each Skill
  • Voice Over Instructions
  • Identifying Features for Each Skill
  • Additional Learning Opportunities Outlined
  • Printable Skill Checklist and Assessment

Module 4: Get Autism Active Coaching Course


Fundamental Movement Skills and ASD; GetAutismActive Movement and Coaching Course: This course has the option of participating in an active workshop at a later date to attain both theoretical and practical certification: 4 hours duration. (2 theory and 2 practical)


Modules 1 – 3 Course Bundle


This Three Course Bundle gives you instant access to the following three courses at a reduced bundle price:

  1. Autism Spectrum Disorder Awareness and Undersanding (2 Hours)
  2. Teaching and Learning Interventions for Children (2 Hours)
  3. Exploring Sensory Integration for Children with ASD (2 Hours)

Modules 1 – 4 Course Bundle

A practitioner’s guide to helping children and adults with autism spectrum disorder to move effectively and efficiently. This unique 2 day online intensive autism training with particular emphasis on addressing fundamental movement skill training.
Why do we need this? Children and adults with autism spectrum disorder have delayed movement skills such as running, catching, throwing, balance and coordination.   These skills do not come naturally to them, hence they need to be taught.
  • Learning these skills will help autistic people to manage anxiety, tantrums and difficult behaviours.
  • Learning these skills will provide opportunities to improve problems with sensitivity to touch, smell, sound,  need for deep pressure and address poor balance/coordination.
  • Learning these skills will provide opportunities to develop speech, language and comprehension.
  • Leaning these skills will provide opportunity to develop social skills and to engage with others.
  • Learning these skills will provide opportunity to feel better emotionally as they get more “happy hormones” released.