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Get Autism Active Resource Kit

2hTime for completion

20Video minutes

6Number of Activities

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What is the Get Autism Active Resource Kit?

The GetAutismActive Online Resource Kit is a well established teaching and learning tool used by educators, coaches and parents that addresses motor delay and impairment for autistic children and adults. It includes 19 identified skills that often show signs of delay for example balance, co-ordination, etc. It is designed using an “eclectic” approach which means a number of teaching and learing methodologies are used to enhance learning specific to the autistic population.


Hence each skill comes with:

  • A video demonstration
  • A checklist of how the skill is broken down into steps
  • A voice over prompt with key cues
  • An incidental teaching and learning guide
  • Proprioceptive stretches are included to use before and after each session
  • An evaluation tool for each session


Dr. Susan Crawford Dr. Susan Crawford

Dr. Crawford has over 25 years experience living and working in the world of Autism. She has researched and published books and papers internationally. She is a frequent speaker at seminars and conferences on topics relating to Autism. In addition to her online courses and speaking events she works with national and international organisations in relation to Autism and Movement. She has received several awards for her ongoing work in the field including a Fullbright Scholarship and more recently 'Clare Person of the Year'. Through her online website Dr. Crawford now offers webinars, online courses and 1:1 consultations as well as in person workshops to individuals, groups and organisations. These services empower her clients to address autism awareness, understanding and acceptance as well as developing new skills.

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